How conversionloop works

With conversionloop it is simple to get feedback from your visitors and prospects. Simply insert the conversionloop javascript snippet into your website and create a new feedback campaign within the application. Once published, it will be shown on your website and you can collect feedback.

Before you publish a campaign there are three easy steps, which need to be configured:

  1. Where should the campaign be shown?
  2. When should the campaign be shown?
  3. How should the campaign be shown?
With the conversionloop audience builder you can define your segment and use it within your campaign.
Targeting Conditions

How to create a new campaign in conversionloop

1. Segment and target your audiences

Segment your audiences by different criteria and define targeting rules:

  • URL
  • Regular Expression (e.g. all product detail pages)
  • Browser Type
  • Device Type
  • Javascript Condition
  • Scroll Depth
  • Exit Intent
  • Third Party integrations
  • many more…

2. Create your campaign for the chosen audience

Choose your type of campaign or use predefined templates:

  • Survey
  • Feedback
  • Lead-generation
  • Promotion

3. Analyze your feedback and results and adapt

Get instant feedback on the result page of conversionloop or within your favorite analytics solution:

  • Get sentiment overview for feedback campaigns
  • Export results of surveys as CSV and PDF
  • Track Events of Promotion Campaigns

Choose the type of your campaign


You define the questions, which you want to get answered. Drag and Drop radio buttons, checkboxes and define follow-up questions.


Be open for feedback with a textarea, where you can get any answer to your most pressing questions

Lead Generation

Show a voucher, a coupon or ask for the newsletter signup to convert the user to a lead


You need to promote your new blog post or a new product sitewide? Use a promotion campaign to get attention

Analyze your results

Sentiment Chart

Did you have a positive experience?

Get insights into your collected feedback, independently which campaign you collect. Combine the results with your favorite Analytics Suite (e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics) by sending events, while collecting feedback.

Conversionloop gives you the ability to gain valuable insights and you are able to share it with your coworkers and share holders in various export option formats.


Your advantages with conversionloop

The simple but powerful drag and drop editor supports you, while creating your campaign.

With the versatile audience builder you are free to define your visitors segments for various conditions.

Yet the Javascript snippet is not compromising on your performance efforts.

Ready to create your first conversionloop campaign and getting feedback from your prospects?

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