Thoughts of your customer? Best ways to get customer feedback

Customer Feedback

Imagine your website has valuable traffic, but your conversion rate is comparable low. You have a high bounce rate and you don’t really know, why the visitor is churning and not using the funnel, which was crafted so carefully. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what your customer was thinking, when leaving? Usually when […]

Build, measure, learn – how to use feedback effectively as a learning factor

As an entrepreneur one of the most read books probably is “The lean startup” from Eric Ries. It’s a bestselling book with a lot of insights on how to build a startup or business by following methods like the “Build, Measure, Learn” circle. The methodology is simple and effective: Build a minimum viable product (MVP) […]

How to segment your visitors

Often times segmentation of visitors into meaningful cohorts is not as easy as it seems. Segments can be build from various data points, starting with very obvious data like the visitor time, days, weeks or any other calendar based data. E.g. all visitors from within the last 30 days, or visitors from the last 24 […]