Your objectives are clear: You want to gather feedback from your users, yet you got no feedback tool. The tool should be ubiquotous within all of your web touchpoints such as your online shop, maybe Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce or any shop system, which allows to insert a few lines of javascript code.

Within the user journey of your shop, there are touchpoints in which you don’t know exactly what your potential customer is looking for. Your need feeback exactly in these exact moments. Conversionloop is your feedbacktool, which enables smart triggers to start a feedback conversation. Is the user about to churn? Maybe by exiting the website? An Exit-Intent trigger might be the right choice to ask your potential new client about their desire.

With the conversionloop feedback tool, you will gather feedback from your visitors, when they are at different stages of the buying journey. Integrate conversionloop in your help center, into your shop system and also into your digital web product. Ask us about the compatibility with your system!

How does conversionloop help your feedback circles?

You got customers, potential clients, visitors, leads, users – however feedback will come to you in various ways and in different systems. Conversionloop will help you understand the aims and pain points, which will happen in your web based system.

You may configure and ask your feedback forms with an easy to use drag and drop editor. There are various items and fields for you to choose from. Build your forms to fit into your desktop and mobile web view of your ecommerce plattform. Feedback will be collected and submitted back to a control panel, where you collect and gather feedback submissions.

Use custom fields to connect your user accounts and connect usefull user information to the feedback, where applicable. Also connect conversionloop with your present feedback solutions.

Feedback may be collected in various ways and also be integrated into your help section. Any help article is a unique way of solving a problem, which may also result in an upsell opportunity. Be right on time at the touchpoint, set dwelling timers or custom events as your trigger to ask and gather more knowledge.

Also connect your campaigns with ease, build feedback journeys and automate your upsell.

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