to know

your visitors

When your traffic is not converting

Your website has valuable traffic but a non satisfying bounce rate? 

You don’t know why your customer are leaving or why the desired call to action wasn’t triggered? 

You should ask your visitors directly and gain direct feedback.


Get more knowledge about the visitor

We want you to get more knowledge about your potential customers. Getting valuable feedback and survey answers will give you the possibility to enhance and take measures for your offer. 

Raising the conversion rate and closing the feedback loop between you and your future customers.

Grow your customer relationship

conversionloop lets you easily create widgets for your own website. With our straightforward and simple interface you can easily create and customize widgets. 

A few lines of code will be provided for you and give you the possibility to add interactivity to your website in no time.

Choose your way of getting feedback

Survey or written feedback - it's your choice

Can't find the right thing?

Get instant feedback

With the feedback widget you can easily adapt your static website without any hassle to get instant feedback. 

Polls and surveys are made easy. You won’t need any programming knowledge to add any of these widgets to your website. 

The result pages will give you insights about the most chosen answers.

Conduct surveys

Multiple Choice, random order of answers and crisp statistics will give you the tools at your fingertips, which you will need to succeed. 

Survey results can give you valuable insights to adjust your online presence. Make use of our APIs, if you wish to integrate the surveys into other tools, or use them straight out of the box.

Where did you notice us?

Your visitors are not converting and you need to know why? conversionloop gives you the power to get feedback from your visitors!

More than just a survey tool

Everything you need for your customer experience

Smart Triggers

Smart triggers

Set individual triggers based on clicks, urls and many conditions to start a campaign

Analytics Integration

Analytics integration

Easily connect your campaign with the most used analytics solutions

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

Only load and track conversionloop, when the users’ consent has been given

Do you have a moment?

What kind of clothing products do interest you?

Generate leads

Use the widgets to generate valuable leads for your campaigns or funnel pages. 

Turn your visitors into leads, by setting intelligent and smart triggers.

Promote with ease

You need to break out of the usual elements of your website?

Having a short durating campaign and no IT budget? Use promotional teasers, lightboxes, popups or floating bars to inform your visitor about upcoming events or by giving discounts.

Turn your visitor into a conversion. Use it on any device, being it phone, tablet or desktop.

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It's your website

Match any widget to your favorite design

Colors, Fonts and Style

Choose the layout and design, while creating any widget for your website.

Make it fit within your corporate identity, to enable a seamless integration without any visual clutter.

Where did you notice us?

Color Picker

No branding

The conversionloop javascript ships with no logo or branding in any campaign

Responsive by design

Any campaign in conversionloop is mobile ready and will look great on any screen size

Widget API

conversionloop campaigns can be triggered by via the Javascript API independently

Fully integrated in your stack

Easy to integrate and connect

You only need a few lines of code, which are added to your website, either with your favorite tag management system (for example Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager) or added directly to your website. Once the conversionloop script is added, you can start publishing your campaigns directly from the conversionloop application.

Why choosing conversionloop?

No coding skills required

Get your first campaign running in no time, just add the conversionloop script and get started

Powerful and fast

The conversionloop javascript is one of the fastest CX scripts available. Do not compromise on your performance efforts.

Future Integrations

No tool is a perfect island. More integrations to 3rd party tools will be added in the near future.

Know more about conversionloop

FAQ - frequently asked questions

The software as a service conversionloop is a modern javascript application, which let’s marketers create feedback-, survey-, lead- and promotion-campaigns with ease. It’s a no-code solution, which enables you and your marketing team with the tools to gain valuable feedback from your potential customers.

Campaigns can be created based on smart triggers like exit-intent, they may be time-scheduled and will be integrated into your website via a javascript snippet.

The javascript snippet of conversionloop is lightweight and does not affect your page performance due to asynchronous loading. The conversionloop javascript may be integrated via a tag manager and only loaded, when needed. Any feedback, which is being provided by your customers, will be sent back to the secure conversionloop servers. where you may get deeper insights about it, download the data and use it for your further  analysis.

More details about how conversionloop works

With conversionloop you get a tool which is focused on the user. Therefore it does respect the user concent and will not load or track anything, if not given consent by the visitor. Conversionloop is compatible with your consent management plattform, may be loaded asynchronous after the consent has been given or does provide javascript methods to enable or disbale the consent.

Absolutely. Conversionloop is built for professional marketers, who need a solution without any need of coding skills. The easy and straightforward user interface give the power of creating campaigns without missing any professional tools.

When your website is built to gain leads and sales, you probably have heard about the term conversion already. It is a term being used, to describe the percentage of the users, which convert to a lead or sale.

Regardless that this conversion rate may differ from goal and industry, it can be optimized.

This can be achieved by applying user experience improvements, by doing A/B Tests and experiments and also by getting qualitative data, like feedback from the visitors. Conversionloop is exactly built for this use case – providing you with a possibility to gain qualitative feedback.

Conversionloop is a mix of two words: Conversion and Loop. While the first is rather straighforward, the loop comes from the ongoing feedback loop: Asking questions, getting answers and adjusting accordingly.

Since the conversion rate will eventually be raised, after getting more feedback and answers, the word conversionloop was crafted to express just this meaning. Close your conversionloop, by getting valuable feedback from your client.

Signing up to the conversionloop service is easy. Just follow this link and register with your email. You may use the tool fully featured 7 days for free. If you wish to use your campaigns longer, you can choose one of our plans according to your traffic.

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